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About Us

Our mission is to become recognized as the most customer conscious, highest quality, lowest cost producer in our industry. We aim to provide the best customer service and after-sale support. Our relationship with you will continue long after you've purchased any water softener system.

Our team of engineers and technical experts are on-hand to help you with any query you may have. And because we design and manufacture 95% of our products and components, we can make sure what we sell adheres to stringent quality guidelines.

The Values - Fundamental to accomplishing our mission are these critical factors:


Our people are the most valuable assets we possess


As our products are perceived, so are we as a company


Profits provide the final measure on our efficiency

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Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Our fundamental mission at Aquagrand Plus is to ensure that every household has access to clean, fresh and safe drinking and cooking water, for as long as they need it.

  • We also believe that safe drinking water should taste great, and should be filled with healthy minerals! Drinking water can then be an invigorating experience as well as be good for your health too.

  • Finally, we strive to use the most advanced technology, and innovative ideas, to make our missions possible. We source our technology from around the World, making sure that you always get the best.

In the modern era we find it difficult to access pure drinking water that is actually safe for consumption. The rising levels of pollution, and contamination, simply make it harder to find the perfect source of water. Aquagrand Plus understands that clean, fresh and safe drinking water is at the top of all of our priorities, and our missions and values reflect that.

At Aquagrand Plus, we have missions and values, which reflect how important water is to every single one of us. We know that it is the most important thing in the World, and without clean, fresh drinking water, our quality of life would truly suffer. It is this knowledge, and our company values, which helped us create a state-of-the-art water purifier, to provide the clean and fresh drinking water that we all deserve.

We have an incredible experience, at Aquagrand Plus, of 9 years in RO and water purification technology. This experience, combined with product design sourced from the US, and top manufacturing unit in India, ensures that we always provide the best in water purification systems. This unique product was designed solely with you, and your family, in mind, so that you may enjoy clean, fresh and safe drinking water forever.
We are an ISO 9001 2008 certified company

Our Vision

  • To always have the best product on the market. Our missions reflect the lengths we go to in order to achieve this; using the most advanced technology, and the latest ideas, to create the perfect water purification system.

  • To always give our customers the best service. A happy customer means a happy Aquagrand Plus. All our customer service agents are there to ensure that you are always happy with your water purifier.

  • To build value for our investors, by ensuring we always work with the first two visions in mind. The best product, and best customer service, means satisfaction. Satisfaction means better value for our investors.

Our Vision