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One of our visions is to always provide the best in customer service. Our high quality service means that you will always speak to a fully trained, professional customer service agent, who knows all about our water purifiers. This matched with our service friendly design, easy to replace any components instantly, will make sure that you will always be satisfied with AQUAGRAND PLUS Water Purifier.

Each customer in Aquagrand Plus Systems has a computerized service record and a hard copy service card. The installation will be completed to your entire satisfaction and a feed back card seeks your endorsement for the highest quality installation. Break-down telephone calls are personally attended to before the fourth ring of the telephone.


RO producing less or no water

RO making noise

RO water leakage issue

RO water taste or smell issue

RO filter change

RO membrane change

AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) Plans


  • RO water purifier should be in working condition.
  • Any additional visit during AMC period is by intimation only.

  • Installation Free

  • One Service

  • 4 Spun is also Included

  • 3 month warranty

    on electrical parts

    (SMPS and UV Chowk)

  • -

  • Rs 1499

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  • Installation Free

  • Two Services Included

  • 1 Kit ( 2 Spun, 1 sediment, 1 carbon )

  • 9 Months Warranty on Electrical parts (SV, SMPS, UV Chowk, Including Motor)

  • -

  • Rs 2999

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  • Installation Free

  • Two Services Included

  • 1 Kit (Sediment, Carbon And 3 Spun also included)

  • 1 Year Warranty On Electrical Parts. (SV, SMPS, UV Chowk, Including Motor)

  • 1 membrane change

  • Rs 3999

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  • Installation Free

  • Two Services Included

  • 1 KIT ( Sediment, Pre Carbon, Post Carbon and 3 Spun Included)

  • One Year Warranty On Electrical Parts

  • Membrane Replacement

  • Rs 4999

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